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ITV have announced that they do not wish to recommission Whitechapel after Series 4.


- I’m in charge of this investigation.

Does anyone know what Chandler was murmuring in the second gif? Tried my best but couldn’t hear him clearly… 


I adore Ed’s desk. Look at that typewriter! 


I adore Ed’s desk. Look at that typewriter! 


Chandler: “I’m afraid this is all we’ve managed to recover from the river in the last 7 days.”

Miles: “River Police reckon that anything we haven’t found by now, we won’t find.”

Kent: “Um, Sir. It’s come to my attention that there’s a place in Whitechapel where, um… Where you can… Where you can buy Spanish Fly.”

Mansell: “Can I have a word?”

Riley: “What’s the matter?”

Buchan: “1772. Two prostitutes were given aniseed balls laced with Spanish Fly.”

Llewellyn: “We’ll work with what we have.”

Mina: “A couple administering a lethal aphrodisiac to satisfy their desires.”

Heather: “May I ask what this is about?”

Travis: “Gentlemen. Travis Underwood.”

Damon: “Really? Someone, you don’t know who, drugged your detective.”

Lucy: “Yeah, that’s Damon.”

Doug: “Yeah, I’m Doug, want do you want?”

Ella: “Oh, great, my mum sent the Jesus Police to bring me home.”

Nathan: “There’s no need. We’re closed.”

Max: “You can’t arrest me. I’m not Nathan.”



- I hate hospital. 




b&w whitechapel caps | 212/∞


b&w whitechapel caps | 212/